Resurrecting the traditions of pre-COVID period APK-Inform team continues strengthening the communication between market participants in Ukraine and the world with a conference Soybean and Meal market, which was held in Odessa on August 26.

SABER EVNAT participated as an Online Sponsor and supported the events online platform.

Among other interesting things speakers will cover following topics:

  • 2020/21 and 2021/22 for soybean market
  • Supply/demand gap: is there any roof for price growth?
  • Confrontation between processors and exporters on the Ukrainian soybean market.
  • One year of “soybean amendments”: what are the consequences for Ukraine?
  • Agro-climate and shift of soybean cultivation areas: there are capacities, but wrong placed?
  • Multiprocessing as a way of risk diversification, but only the strong one will survive
  • Logistic optimisation as a competitive advantage
  • Soybean feed potential in view of current condition of Ukrainian livestock sector
  • China and ASF: an unsettled problem or the way to manipulate the market of feed stock and mix-feed?
  • Plant-based meat and shift of consumers’ preferences in the world: will Ukraine fill its niche?
  • Soybean deep processing: potential of production and sales
  • Prospects of biodiesel and alternative fuels production to improve the energy security of Ukraine


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