Refineries and storage terminals may face serious challenges associated with raw material and product storage – bottom sediment formation, uneven product quality and homogenisation, necessity for blending, etc. Our equipment solves all of these challenges with ease. Especially with high viscous products.


Individual design

The EVNAT® Jet Mixing Device is designed for each specific tank and its parameters, using state-of-the-art ANSYS hydrodynamic software. Physical tank dimensions and inner structures (floating roofs, pontoons, heat exchangers, etc.) are taken into account as well as the operational characteristics of pumping equipment (capacity, pressure).



The equipment is applicable for a variety of industries – including refineries, vegetable oil crushing and extraction plants, petrochemical and oleochemical industries, storage sites and terminals, chemical reactors, and waste management systems. Any product can be mixed and agitated with the EVNAT® Jet Mixing Device.

Engineering and CFD

Sophisticated modelling of flotations using cutting-edge achievements in digital technology makes it possible to evaluate the efficiency of mixing, heat and mass transfer, to derive or create an ideal contraction of the device for solving a specific problem.

How it works

The EVNAT® Jet Mixing Device consists of a flow distribution unit, straight sections for flow alignment, nozzles, ejector nozzles and a mixing chamber. This is airless mixing method, using solely the product itself and can put in motion 5,000 m3 of liquid in three minutes and mix it all within an hour.

Our clients receive high-tech production equipment that brings savings from day one. We offer a perfect solution for mixing liquids and keeping the quality stable and equalised inside the storage tank.

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The EVNAT® team has more than 30,000 hours of computing experience in fluid dynamics using state-of-the-art ANSYS hydrodynamic software. In total there are more than 70 EVNAT® jet mixers installed in tanks of different configuration and storing variety of products. We have wide experience across multiple industries and different countries designing and manufacturing equipment for tanks ranging from 1,000 to 50,000 cubic meters.


Reduce waste

EVNAT® jet mixing prevents the accumulation of product sediment formation, eliminates the need for tank cleaning and later disposal of the sludge. Prolong your tanks lifecycle and reduce long term costs of your operations.

Increase efficiency

Static propeller mixers cannot compete with EVNAT® jet mixing device in quality and efficiency. Multiple tests have proven, that EVNAT® makes the mixture stable and homogeneous for longer and in a dramatically faster way.

Obtain required specifications

Deliver best quality services to your clients through highest quality storage facilities. Be able to forecast the actual key quality parameters of your product or blend before measuring it by knowing EVNAT® makes it homogenious.

Reduce environmental footprint

Reduce the amount of waste and increase efficiency of your operations. Bring down your energy spending as EVNAT® is the mixer which does not need to be powered, it has no moving or rotating parts at all.
All EVNAT® jet mixers require no operational maintenance and come with a lifetime guarantee!

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5,000 m3Rapeseed Vegetable Oil
Read More
Dramatical decrease in running costs, return of investment made on the installed equipment is expected to be 6 months.
50,000 m3Crude Oil
Read More
Preservation of homogeneity during storage. No sediment on the tank bottom.
1,000 m3Vegetable Oil
Read More
Complete homogeneity of the product during the filling of the storage tank. Preservation of homogeneity during storage. No sediment.
5,000 m3Gasoline Components
Read More
Complete homogeneity of the product during the filling of the storage tank.
20,000 m3Vegetable Oil
Read More
Complete absence of bottom sediment. The same quality indicators of the product at all heights and perimeter of the tank, which allows to comply with contractual indicators during dispatch.
750 m3Vegetable Oil
Read More
Complete homogeneity of the product during the filling of the storage tank. Preservation of homogeneity during storage. No sediment.
2,000 m3Vegetable Oil
Read More
Homogeneity of the product achieved in the shortest possible time. Consistent quality indicators throughout the tank. The issue of preparing the product before dispatch is solved.
4,000 m3Mazut (Fuel Oil)
Read More
Achieved homogeneity. The temperature difference at different points of the tank is 1 °С (before the mixer was installed - 15 °С); There is no difference in density.
6,000 m3Vacuum Gasoil
Read More
The equipment imparts uniformity to the vacuum gasoil and additive mixture. After the expiration of the daily settling of the product in the tank, the absence of product layering was noted, which testifies to the effective mixing and homogeneity of the mixture obtained.
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