About us

Saber Evnat is a joint venture with an established company from CIS region, looking to grow outside the current markets.

We work with oil and biofuel refineries, processing plants, storage terminals, engineering, waste management and other representatives of different sectors where bulk liquid storage is required. In most instances, conventional mixers are currently used, with little to no computing power. Saber Evnat are looking to change the way businesses operate in the future.

Traditional methods of mixing use a lot more energy, need an in-depth and often expensive cleaning and maintenance process. Traditional mixers take hours to mix the contents, but the jet mixer provided by Saber Evant is far more time-efficient and more reliable for the homogeneity of the products. 

Saber Evnat can design an optimised solution, differentiating between the needs of customers. Different clients in separate segments will require tailored software modelling and manufacturing parameters -mixers are designed according to the demands of the customer which eliminates the guesswork in mixer design and the end result.

Our equipment helps to decrease the environmental footprint by reducing the amount of waste. Other benefits include increased efficiency of operations and reduction in energy consumption as the equipment doesn’t need to be powered and has no moving/rotating parts. Ongoing maintenance costs are also zero.

EVNAT jet mixer is a digitally perfected mixing technology. The design is bespoke for each specific tank and product, using state-of-the-art ANSYS hydrodynamic software. It was impossible to assimilate the data the old way – now intelligent data and insight is produced at the click of a button.

We and our partners have extensive experience with over 70 units installed. Saber Evnat provides a supervised installation for all the mixing equipment we manufacture. Equipment can be delivered and installed anywhere in the world.

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