Our process

From consultation to installation, our four-step process is pain-free and bespoke to each new client.

Step 1: The Questionnaire

First, clients need to fill out our simple questionnaire to provide all the necessary information regarding the tank, existing equipment (such a piping and pumps), and the products stored. This information will be used to assess the results that the EVNAT JMD can achieve.

Step 2: Price Offer

Based on the information provided in the questionnaire we will compile a preliminary price offer and send a contract for signing.

Step 3: Engineering

A tank's physical dimensions and inner structure are taken into account as well as operational characteristics of pumping pressure, and the physical characteristics of the stored products.

Step 4: Design and Flow Modulation

The modulation of flotations makes it possible to evaluate the efficiency of mixing, heat and mass transfer, to create an ideal design of the device for solving a specific task.

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