Trip to Cartagena

At the beginning of September 2021, SABER EVNAT visited some of our partners and potential clients in the Benelux area, including Vesta Terminals, Viterra, Marine-Olie and FETSA.

Our core philosophy is to change how a business operates for greater efficiencies and help them to contribute to a more sustainable future. Our team has more than 30,000 hours of computing experience in fluid dynamics, with more than 70 EVNAT jet mixers designed for and installed in different configurations tanks and storing various products.

In total, there were six meetings, four in The Netherlands and two in Belgium. Here are some discussion examples:

With an association, we discussed the implications of the energy transition for the European storage and carbon emission reduction for the likes of the Port of Rotterdam and how our equipment can contribute to that goal. Another discussed topic was how strategic storage for governmental and military use would be affected in the coming years, what it will mean for the storage facilities, and ensuring minimal product losses.

We sat down with two vegetable oil trading and refining companies. These two clients represent a different segment of the business, one being a smaller privately owned company and the other a multinational corporation – but both of them are interested in the benefits that our equipment can bring to their operations.

With Saber Evnat’s expertise, organisations can decrease their environmental footprint by reducing their waste. Other benefits include increasing the efficiency of operations and reducing energy consumption.

We agreed during the meetings that Saber Evnat will prepare a computer model of flows and liquid dynamics for one specific tank used for an equipment efficiency test. If the initial results satisfy our client – they will install our equipment in other tanks.

We met with an engineering and tank building company. By cooperating with Saber Evnat, companies that manufacture storage tanks and engineer all details for their clients will get a competitive advantage, offering solutions that their competitors have not implemented. Our potential client disseminated information between all engineers, and now, as per the client’s request, we can provide EVNAT equipment during the initial stages of the project.

Other meetings were with a fuel trading company and manufacturing company that works with a very viscous medium. We laid out the groundwork for cooperation; now, further negotiations and technical meetings are necessary to start working on 3D computer flows and models. We believe that by increasing efficiency and reducing waste from operations, we can minimise the impact on the environment and contribute to the profitability of our clients.

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