SABER EVNAT at the PGLC Petrochemicals Global Logistics Convention

SABER EVNAT at the PGLC Petrochemicals Global Logistics Convention

In late June 2022, an international PGLC (Petrochemicals Global Logistics Convention) conference dedicated to the oil and petrochemical industry was held in Barcelona. It was an international forum attended by global traders, oil refiners, ports, shipping houses, bulk cargo storage companies and specialized service providers.

A representative of innovative and breakthrough solutions in the production, transhipment and storage of liquid bulk cargoes, SABER EVNAT also participated in the event.

The Barcelona meeting’s main objective was to discuss the future of the industry: key solutions to enhance logistics, environmental challenges and the latest digital technologies.

SABER EVNAT showcased its own solutions at the event; they are a perfect match to address the challenges of the transition to the Fourth Industrial Revolution standards.

These days, technologies like SABER EVNAT’s solutions are becoming essential to attain the objectives set forth on a European scale. Partners and visitors of this year’s PGLC conference in Barcelona have seen that for themselves.

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